Say Hi Translate

We live in a wondrous world.  Imagine re-taking your high school foreign language class with the ability to say anything in English and have it said back to you in the language you are learning.  Real-time, on repeat and the rehearsal of this practice helps you remember the correct words in conversational speak and with improved pronunciation and even with the written translation.

A new app released just over five weeks ago puts the power of translation right on your mobile device.  The SayHi translate app allows you to talk into your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and hear your words back in a different language.  Many smart customizations are available for the over 33 languages it supports including the ability to slow or speed up the translation or put apply a males voice or a females voice to the translation.  If you want to save a phrase or question that you’ve already translated, it’s as easy as tapping a star on the screen and saving.

Conversations and translations can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email or text message to share one piece of the translation or the entire conversation.  Users of this app might include: students, travelers, hospitals, social workers, or anyone learning a new language or quickly interacting with someone that speaks a different language.

The translation works really well and the newly released update (2.0) incorporates nice amenities like in-app volume control, enhanced sharing options, voice customization and pop-up actions.  This is on the coolness level of Shaazam and really hits the mark when it’s a mind-blowing something you want when-you-want it kind of app.  I don’t know this song but I wish I did!  I can’t understand what you’re saying but I wish I could!  A language translator for 99 cents?  Wondrous.


About Beth Koemans

Master of Communication in Digital Media, University of Washington. Follow on Twitter @SocialBeth.
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One Response to Say Hi Translate

  1. bizzyschorr says:

    Sounds like an early version of the Star Trek universal translator; very exciting. I may need this when I go visit my sister in japan.

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