‘MagicPlan’ Uses Mobile for Concept-to-Done in Minutes

It doesn’t seem entirely accurate to describe MagicPlan as simply a tool to draw a floor plan —the real joy in MagicPlan comes from experiencing the full process of taking photos, adding measurements and recreating something as a novice that would have taken days and auto-CAD experience —in just a few minutes time.

This app is ideal for a mobile device and from the moment you launch the app you feel in charge of your creation and after a few screen taps your vision is on screen and you’re able to send it to others instantly. Uniquely mobile because it uses a technology called ‘Reality Capture’ for the process of retrieving information about your surrounding environment and creating a digital model.

According to Sensopia Inc., the company behind MagicPlan, ‘Reality Capture extracts information describing any place you may be. You can take this description with you wherever you go; no need to travel back and forth. With today’s smart phones Reality Capture is now possible. The accelerometers, gyroscopes, compass and cameras make your smart phone aware of your environment.’

With this concept of environmental awareness in mind and an iPad in hand, I set off to create a floor plan in a few minutes as if I was a trained engineer and able to talk about 3D models in my sleep. Getting started was easy and the app was visually engaging and intuitive. I watched a minute-long video to prep and then just went for it.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is that once you model out all of your interested areas, you may find yourself firing up the app less frequently. If you’re a real estate agent, architect, home inspector or an interior designer then you’ll likely keep this as your go-to app for estimating and documenting the many spaces you come into contact with. Perhaps there’s a limited shelf life but what a life it has within those limits! To me, this is much like the space observation apps that blow my mind with how easy and accessible the experience is when just a year ago I would have had no access—let alone on my mobile device!

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MagicPlan offers a truly unique experience that showcases the very best aspects of a mobile device (camera, wireless, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and internet-capable) to create highly accurate floor models on the fly.


About Beth Koemans

Master of Communication in Digital Media, University of Washington. Follow on Twitter @SocialBeth.
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3 Responses to ‘MagicPlan’ Uses Mobile for Concept-to-Done in Minutes

  1. bizzyschorr says:

    That sounds so cool! I may have to try this out. it would be super handy for anyone in the market for a new place, too.

  2. Kelly McIvor says:

    Yes! Very interesting. I think I’d like to try in out just to see how accurate it is. I have an early iPad with no camera so does the app work on Android phones (seems like that would be a rough experience..)?

  3. Ashley says:

    I cannot wait to try this. We’ll be moving into a new house in mid-May, and are having some small alterations done before moving in. We’ve been trying to envision the changes, but the owner’s still in the house … this tool would be an amazing help.
    Is it free? Seems like someone like Lowe’s or Home Depot could partner w/them, and maybe market themselves to a list of recent homebuyers. Download the app, create your plans, & generate a coupon (QR code?) for the materials for your project, redeemable at the store…

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