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QR Codes: Experiment to Create

I’ve always appreciated the conversion rate produced by QR codes but there is also something inherently exciting about using my phone to scan something. Recently I’ve been noticing QR codes everywhere. Honestly, literally turning my head this way and that and … Continue reading

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‘MagicPlan’ Uses Mobile for Concept-to-Done in Minutes

It doesn’t seem entirely accurate to describe MagicPlan as simply a tool to draw a floor plan —the real joy in MagicPlan comes from experiencing the full process of taking photos, adding measurements and recreating something as a novice that … Continue reading



Installing an app is almost easier than making a phone call these days and your phone can gain all new functionality in fewer button clicks than it takes to call and make a dental appointment.  This week’s news of Instagram … Continue reading

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Red Tomato Pizza VIP Fridge Magnet

In many mobile marketing campaigns high performance content and real-time marketing have masses to gain if they deploy a powerful social ideas quickly and with a genuine tone of voice.  Even with a bit of serendipity, companies have equal opportunity to … Continue reading

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